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PSSA Math- April 29 and 30
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Welcome to the 7W Team Website.  Here you can find important dates, reminders, and also daily homework assignments.  The homework listed below is from the following teachers:  Mrs. Burd, Mr. Christman, Mrs. Thumma, and Mrs. Phillips.  Please contact us with any questions.

password: same as you use to log onto your school computer. 
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Read January Chapter - no packet work. 
Extra Credit: Shakespeare Troupe Presentation of Love's Labour's Lost
April 25-27 Swartz Aud 7:30-9:30 
Extra Credit: Juneteenth essay Due May 10 - see schoology for details

English Core Enrichment 
None for this evening 

stack of books

Math- :) 

Math 7- 

PSSA Booklet 2 due Fri S.I. Surface Area and Volume due 4/26 

  Circumference Word Problems.docx

Circles Word Problems.rtf

Algebra I-
PSSA Booklet 2 due Fri
S.I. Keystone Prep 4 due 4/26

Online Textbook: http://www.classzone.com/eservices/index.cfm?

Pre-Algebra- 6th Grade: 6th Grade PSSA 1.pdf 7th Grade: PSSA Booklet 2 due Fri PSSA Prep- Probability and Number Sense.rtf Expressions Equartions and Inequalities.rtf Proportions.rtf Geometry.rtf
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Updated 4/24


6 Earth/Physical Science Study Island Blue Ribbons due by 5-17

Core Enrichment:


Social Studies: