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Wilson Middle School
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Welcome to the 7W Team Website.  Here you can find important dates, reminders, and also daily homework assignments.  The homework listed below is from the following teachers:  Mrs. Burd, Mr. Christman, Mrs. Thumma, and Mrs. Phillips.  Please contact us with any questions.

password: same as you use to log onto your school computer. 
Student Schoology Login
  Complete "setting" and "conflict" body paragraph parts of your outline. To access your OneDrive, use the link above. Need copies of the stories? Log On to schoology and click on the essay outline assignment. I have included PDFs of the stories. 

English Core Enrichment-

  Select SSR Book and begin thinking of which project you would like to do.
 Due September 20th 
Blue Ribbons assignment - Core Enrichment- due end of the marking period . 

To find extra copies, go to the "Worksheets for Class" folder in schoology. 

stack of books

Math- :) 

Math 7- 

Cookie Recipe 9/24
Chapter 1 Test Friday 9/28
S.I. Adding/Subtracting/Converting Fractions due 9/28
S.I. Multiplying/Dividing/Real World Fractions due 10/12

Algebra I-
S.I. Ordering and Comparing Real Numbers due 9/21
S.I. Fractions due 10/5

Quiz Tues 9/25
S.I. Fractions due 10/5

Updated 9/21


5 Study Island blue ribbons due by October 19 (you can do all 8 for bonus)

Core Enrichment:


Social Studies-
Test Monday
Study Guide Tomorrow
Students should come to class with an idea of which product they will be doing for their physical feature project.