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Character Strong is a well-respected national program that provides lessons to help teachers guide students toward more positive relationships with their peers, and to strengthen their own mental well-being and positive outlook. Character Strong educators partnered with middle school educators and students across the country to help develop the content for the lessons in the program. This is a program that some of our administrators have utilized in other school districts and found to be very beneficial to their students.


You can learn more here:

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Scope and Sequence of Character Strong Lessons

Some Important Points Related to Character Strong at Wilson Middle School:

Character Strong has been approved as a 1-year pilot program at Wilson Middle School.

Teachers and staff hope Character Strong will support them in building relationships with students and foster positive peer-to-peer interactions.

Character Strong is an extensive program offering 35 sessions, Wilson will only pilot 14-16 sessions this year.

This pilot program is funded by grant money awarded to Wilson MS to be directed towards supporting the emotional needs of students.

Sessions are scheduled to be 30 minutes no more than twice a month.

Families may opt their child out of Character Strong by providing a note to the building administrators (email or written).

Students who opt out will be supervised in the building, will complete academic work or read for pleasure.